60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (2024)

Summer break is almost here and you’re going to need Summer Activities for Kids. Here are 60 different play ideas for kids aged 2 and up to try this Summer. Get ready to make some amazing memories.

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60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (1)

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Summer Activities for Kids

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (2)

1. DIY Splash Pad

Learn how to make a splash pad in 30 minutes. This is one of the best summer activities for kids that I’ve done. The reason I love it so much? After you make it, you can set it up and pack it away in 5 minutes.

2. Summer Lemon Sensory Bin

When you’re trying to come up with fun activities, most of the time everything you need is already in your kitchen. This sensory bin with sliced lemon and blue water is simple, but so incredibly fun.

For more ideas, visit 30 water sensory bins for summer

3. Ice-Cream Store Dramatic Play for Kids

All you need to come up with an ice-cream store are some ball pit balls, plastic cups and possibly a calculator in place of a till.

For more ideas, check out 25 Ice Cream Activities for Kids

4. Rainbow Sand Art Activities for Kids

Rainbow sand is actually really easy to make at home and can be used for so many different summer play ideas. Learn how to make different kinds of art using rainbow sand.

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5. Watermelon Sensory Bin

You can also use red rainbow sand to make a watermelon themed sensory bin. This is a fun sensory activity to try this summer.

For more ideas, visit 25 Summer sensory activities.

6. Frozen Paint

Freeze paint in ice cube trays. This is a great summer activity for toddlers and preschoolers. As the paint melts it’ll make some fun process art.

For more ideas, visit 20 Awesome Water Activities for Summer

7. Rainbow Fish Printable

This free rainbow fish printable is a great way to make some art with the kids this summer. Perfect if your kids are fans of the rainbow fish story book.

8. Make a Water Fight Kit

This idea is perfect for summer camps, or anyone with kids who need to run around and have fun. Grab some sponges and buckets of water and let them have a water fight.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (4)

9. Sea Foam Sensory Bin

What animals will you find hiding underneath the sea foam in this sensory bin? Use blue and green foam bubbles to make any number of summer activities for kids.

10. Fine Motor Ice Transfer

All you need for this easy idea is some tongs, bowls and ice cubes. Practice fine motor skills by transferring the ice from one container to the other.

For more ideas, visit 15 Summer Fine Motor Activities for Kids.

11. Homemade Water Slide

Learn how to make a water slide in your own backyard. This is such a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon, you’ll create some fantastic memories with your whole family.

12. Paper Plate Watermelon Craft

If you’re looking for fun summer activities that are also creative, paper plate crafts are a must for any parent or teacher. This watermelon craft is easy enough for toddlers, but also fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

For more ideas, visit Paper plate summer crafts.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (5)

13. Free Jellyfish Mazes Printable

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the movie Finding Nemo. If your kids do too, then this is the perfect time to give them some of their own jellyfish to dodge. These jellyfish mazes are designed for toddlers, they’ll need some fine motor skills to avoid the stings.

For more ideas, visit 16 Summer Free Printables for Kids.

14. Octopus Fine Motor Activity

Make the legs on this octopus themed buttoning activity, longer and longer. Like so many other summer play ideas, this one helps toddlers and preschoolers develop essential life skills while they play.

15. Water Table and Pom Poms

The water table is essential if you want to do outdoor activities when it’s hot outside. Fill the water table with water and pom poms for a super simple sensory and fine motor activity.

16. Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

Turn a paper plate into this wonderful jellyfish craft. These colorful creatures will look beautiful hanging up on the wall with any of these other 18 Sea Animal Crafts.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (6)

17. Free Sea Animal Playdough Mats

If you’re looking for fun ideas then grab your copy of these sea animal themed playdough mats. Playdough mats are a great way to make regular playdough into a new and exciting activity.

18. Rainbow Fish Fine Motor Activity

How are you going to spend your summer days? Why not try this rainbow fish activity that will help develop fine motor skills and color matching.

19. Pineapple Craft for Summer

Summer doesn’t have to be stressful. With a bit of preparation you can make sure that you have a good time every day. This easy paper pineapple craft has leaves made out of your child handprints, making it a lovely craft and keepsake.

For more ideas, visit 40 Summer Crafts for Kids.

20. Beach Safe Rainbow Sand

Have you tried making colorful sandcastles? Making rainbow sand at the beach to make sandcastles is one of my favorite summer activities for kids. Best of all, it doesn’t harm the environment when you’re finished playing.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (7)

21. Sun Fine Motor Activity

Practice scissor skills with this easy sun fine motor play idea. Grab some origami paper, because that makes this activity so much easier than using a whole sheet of A4 paper.

22. Paper Plate Turtle Craft

Turn a paper plate into this cute turtle craft. When you’re making a list of fun things to do with the kids, it needs to include this cute little ocean creature.

23. Tropical Island Sensory Bin and Small World

When I imagine my ideal summer break, the beach is always involved. If you can’t get to the ocean this vacation, then create a mini tropical island in your own backyard.

24. Make a Kite

Help your kids to make their very own kite. This is a great STEM activity for older kids, who get to design, make and fly their kite.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (8)

25. Summer Sunset Art for Kids

Make these window clings that will make your windows look like a beautiful summer sunset. This art idea is easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy.

For more ideas, visit Summer egg carton crafts for kids.

26. Frozen Sand Sensory Bin

This is one of my most popular summer activities for toddlers. The kids just LOVE it. Hide some toys into a tub of wet sand and stick it in the freezer. As the frozen sand starts to melt, the kids will delight in finding all of the toys inside.

27. Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

Sprinkle sunflower seeds onto the paper plate to make this wonderful sunflower craft. Hang them up when they’re finished to make your own sunflower field.

28. Shark Bay Sensory Bin

This is so much fun. Hide sharks in blue sensory sand and let your kids dig to find them all. You can also hide all sorts of ocean creatures for your toddlers and preschoolers to find.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (9)

29. Nature Walk

Going for a walk in the wilderness is always a great way to start your summer adventures. Take a look at how nature has changed for the hotter months, and see how the animals adapt to keep cool.

30. Paper Plate Starfish Craft

When we enter the summer months, my mind always goes to the beach and the ocean. This easy starfish craft is a great way to enjoy summer with toddlers and preschoolers.

31. The Leak Proof Bag

This science activity is fun for the whole family. How many pencils can you push through a bag of water without it leaking? And how does it work?

32. Watermelon Slime

Slime is always a hit with kids, so you’ve got to include it in your list of summer activities for kids. Learn how to make watermelon slime, complete with seeds to count, add and subtract.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (10)

33. Secret Message Cardboard Sailboats

Your kids are going to have a great time making these boats and then writing secret messages to each other. This is a sailboat craft with a twist that older kids will love.

34. Washable Window Paint

Learn how to make DIY window paint and use it to decorate almost anything with the entire family. I’ve even let my kids paint the car on a hot sunny day. But you can also try windows, garage doors and more. It was a huge hit, and didn’t cause any stress because it comes right off.

35. Sink or Float Experiment

Playing with water is such a relief on sunny days. Fortunately, there’s a lot of learning that goes along with play. Explore what sinks and what floats when you drop them in water. Older kids can even graph out their findings.

36. Dyed Seashells Summer Sensory Bin

Believe it or not, there are so many fun ways to play with seashells. Dye seashells and turn them into this beautiful sensory bin for summer.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (11)

37. Sunflower Seed Sweep

Creating summer play ideas that also help kids to be independent are fantastic. In this activity kids learn to sweep up the sunflower seeds, and hopefully start cleaning up after themselves too.

38. How to make a Water Wall

Learn how to make this simple DIY water wall. Playing with water is a must for any hot summer day. Here the kids get to play and learn about gravity in a fun and new way.

39. How to Make Giant Bubbles

This is a great backyard activity for older kids. Learn how to make a giant bubble recipe and see how big you can get them to grow.

40. Summer Playdough Mats

Make ice cream and watermelon with these summer themed playdough mats. If you’re putting together summer programs, then this is an easy print and play activity that you can use year after year.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (12)

41. Glittery Frozen Water Balloons

In summer, water play can also include playing with ice. Freeze water balloons and let the kids explore what happens when the colorful and glittery water melts.

42. Glow in the Dark Weaving

Have you thought about summer activities for kids that they can do at night? Weave glow in the dark sticks through a fence to create a colorful night time scene.

43. Ocean Pollution Sensory Bin

Have you collected those Coles Little Ship mini toys? They are perfect for making this rock pool small world. What better way to explain to kids what all of our trash does to marine life when we don’t recycle it properly.

44. Summer Bingo

Kick off your summer activities for preschoolers with this free Summer bingo printable. This free game is perfect for helping young kids to develop listening skills.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (13)

45. Color Sorting Fish Sensory Bin

If you’re looking for great ideas to teach toddlers sorting then try this ocean themed sensory bin. Catch the fish with the net and then organize them into their color groups. Easy peasy.

46. Water Clock: Easy STEM Activity

This DIY water clock is fantastic for elementary and middle school kids. This little summer boredom buster is packed with learning.

47. DIY Sea Glass Suncatcher

I love how these look when the light catches them. Make a suncatcher out of sea glass and use it to decorate your outdoor play area.

48. Chalk Pastel Jellyfish

Summer activities for kids are best when they are simple, but not boring. That is exactly what this jellyfish chalk art is. All you need is paper and chalk, but you end up with some fond memories of creating art with your kids.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (14)

49. Fine Motor Sun Craft

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be frustrating. Match the numbers and peg the clothespins onto this sun craft to make the sun’s rays.

50. Water Balloon Pinata

Did you get as excited about this as I did? Without a doubt this is one of the most epic summer play ideas I’ve seen. Hang water balloons up like pinatas and let the kids swing at them until they explode.

51. Sun Craft using Fork Painting

Your kids are going to have the best time making this fork painted sun craft. This kids craft idea is simple enough that toddlers and preschoolers can join in on the fun.

52. Summer Gross Motor Movement Cards

When the kids are on summer vacation they need to get moving. But not every parent wants to join in all the time. So if you need help, then grab your copy of these free summer themed gross motor movement cards. They’ll get your kids moving, while you get to watch.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (15)

53. Beach and Ocean Sensory Squish Bag

Sensory bags are perfect for babies or toddlers who still like to taste everything. Or maybe you just want some summer activities for toddlers that aren’t going to be messed everywhere. In which case, try these beach themed sensory bags, and let your kids explore without needing to clean up.

54. Fine Motor Octopus Craft

Does your little kid need to work on fine motor skills? Try threading the legs onto this paper plate octopus craft. Grab some straws or dyed pasta and make this cute little creature.

55. Squeezing Water

This activity is so simple that you’ll easily overlook how beneficial it is to your toddlers’ learning. Something as simple as squeezing water out of a sponge, or transferring water from one container to the other is a fantastic way to strengthen little fingers.

56. Animal Washing Station

You can do this washing activity with toy animals or even cars. My son loves having a toy car wash on hot days. If you have a baby in the house, then maybe one of your summer activities for kids can actually just be cleaning all of the baby toys that need a good scrub.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (16)

57. How to make a Compass

Can your kids make this DIY Compass? This will end up being one of their favorite summer activities, especially if they can then use the compass to go on a treasure hunt in their own backyard.

58. Water Gun Painting

I love process art, especially the idea of making art with water guns, or maybe a spray bottle if you don’t have any water guns at home.

59. Lemonade Oobleck

Oobleck is a fabulous play idea for kids of all ages. Heck I still love playing with the stuff even though I’m so much older. This non-newtonian fluid will delight kids for years to come.

60. Outdoor Obstacle Course

A golden oldie that will never go out of fashion is having an obstacle course in your own yard. You can make it as difficult as your kids need, depending on how old they are or how much space you have available.

61. Paper Plate Dolphin Craft

What do you think of this dolphin made from paper plates? This fun craft is a great idea for summer or if you’re planning a trip to the aquarium.

62. Ice Sensory Bin

Explore temperature with this simple ice based sensory activity. Not only do you get to cool down on a hot day, but you can also build ice sculptures as an additional STEM challenge.

63. Free Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Indulge in a sweet treat without the sugar. These free ice cream coloring pages will delight kids who want a quiet activity this Summer break.

64. Free Printable Summer Memory Game

Develop memory skills with this free printable Summer themed memory game. This is a fun way for kids to pass the time during the summer break.

65. Seashell Sensory Bin

This seashell sensory bin is so easy to put together. Kids will love exploring the different shells in this colorful sensory tub.

60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (22)

Summer Activity Pack

Get over 80+ pages of Summer themed play based learning activities and craft templates. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

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60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (23)
60 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids - Taming Little Monsters (2024)
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