A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (2024)

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A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (1)

It’s been almost 9 long months of pregnancy and congratulations, you get to meet your little bundle of joy very soon! As you’re anxiously preparing for your delivery at the hospital, you must be wondering what postpartum items to pack and the coming home outfit for mom to wear on the special day.

Pregnancy and postpartum bring a roller coaster of physical changes. Immediately after giving birth, it might be tricky to predict how your body will look after it has provided a home for a baby for 9 months. Postpartum hormones lead to swelling in the body while the uterus continues to contract as it shrinks back down to its original size.*

It is common that the body can still look 6-9 months pregnant so it’s wise to prioritize comfort when choosing a coming home outfit for moms. This is especially critical for mothers who are recovering from C-sections or other surgeries, as their bodies will require extra time to heal.

In the age of social media and the overabundance of digital photos, many moms are excited to snap a cute photo of mommy and baby on their first trip home from the hospital. So choosing a cute yet comfortable coming home outfit for these photos can help a new mother feel beautiful and confident as a lasting memory, even when her body may still be adjusting to its postpartum changes. You want to be comfortable but also look like you haven’t been through one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting experiences of your life!

Many moms like to prepare an outfit (or 2!) that they feel comfortable wearing when they come home from the hospital. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect comfort-focused coming home outfit for the proudest moment of your life – motherhood!

What to Wear During Labor

Let’s first talk about the outfit you don’t really have to worry about – the labor and delivery gown. Typically, the hospital will provide you with completely open-back gown that reaches down to your ankles to prepare you for labor and delivery. This attire is standard as the open-back design makes it much easier for hospital staff to administer medical care when needed.* To ensure extra comfort during labor, I recommend checking out these options if you want a softer, more luxurious version of your own labor and delivery gown.

Personally, as someone who delivered vagin*lly, I cannot imagine having the time to dig for my own delivery gown while trying to get through the painful contractions! I was quick to change into whatever gown the nurse provided me with even if it wasn’t the most convenient or comfortable.

What to wear immediately after delivery? Can you wear pajamas after delivery?

Immediately after delivery, you have the option to stay in the same hospital-provided labor and delivery gown or you can change into a robe or pajamas of your choice. I highly recommend bringing something you will be comfortable in to help with post-birth recovery! The hospital gowns are super bulky and long. Whenever I needed the restroom, I had to gather my entire gown to walk to the bathroom and use the toilet, which was inconvenient.

Below are my recommendations for comfortable robes or pajamas for post-delivery. Robes are great because it is super convenient for skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding your newborn as well as ease of access needed for medical care without removing any articles of clothing. Pajama sets work too, particularly with a button-up top for breastfeeding access and skin-to-skin contact.

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“This is the third gown that I buy. The first one was for my first babydelivery, and the next 2 for my sisters in law. Love the product. You can go throughlabor,delivery, skin to skin, and breastfeeding wearing it. I felt a bit more put together than wearing a regular hospital gown.”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (3)

“I ordered this forlaboranddelivery and it was perfect. Way more comfortable than what they give you”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (4)“This hospital gown makes labor so much easier so much more comfortable than the ones in the hospital and much more modest it can actually close in the back and is special with buttons so it doesn’t get in the way of epidural!”

Things to Consider Before Picking the Right Coming Home Outfit for Moms

  1. Size up
    • Every body is different and postpartum bodies will vary greatly from person to person. Generally speaking, after giving birth a woman’s body may appear to be slightly larger than before pregnancy, due to retained water weight and other changes such as increased breast size. I would aim to expect your body to look around 6-9 months pregnant immediately after delivery.
  2. Incision lines for C-section deliveries (good to prepare for even for vagin*l deliveries!)
    • After delivering a baby via C-section, it is imperative to wear comfortable clothing that allows the incision area to heal properly. Loose-fitting tops and pants are recommended as they provide enough room for the healing process but also help prevent chafing or irritation in the incision area. Also, elastic waists can be helpful in providing additional comfort and adjustability depending on your shape and size.
  3. Breastfeeding
    • Moms should consider wearing clothes that make breastfeeding easier while riding in a car, as it can be difficult to tend to a hungry baby while still keeping yourself secure and comfortable. A practical option when preparing for breastfeeding in the car is to wear clothes that are both roomy and easy to discreetly pull down or up. Selecting clothes with front-access panels or wrap-style tops can make it easier to breastfeed without having to adjust too much of your clothing.
  4. Increase in body temperature post delivery
    • After giving birth, it is common for women to experience an increase in body temperature as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Also, this can be due to the rapid metabolism changes as well as increased circulation that can cause your body to run hotter than normal. It is important to dress appropriately in light and breathable clothing when feeling excessively hot.
  5. Weather
    • You want to make sure that your clothes are well-suited for the climate you will be in and that any incision area is adequately covered if it is cold or windy. Also, avoid wearing any clothing that may rub against the incision area too much as this could lead to discomfort and slow your healing process.
  6. Length of car ride
    • If it’s a short drive, comfort should be the main goal with loose-fitting clothes that provide flexibility and won’t rub against any incision area. But for longer trips, layers are key as the temperature in a car can change rather quickly depending on external conditions and stops. Adding a light jacket or cardigan can help moms stay comfortable no matter how long the car ride is!

Coming Home Outfit for Moms

How many outfits does Mom need for the hospital?

This is entirely up to you to feel prepared and confident leaving the hospital! I personally brought 3 outfits because I truly didn’t know what I would feel comfortable in stepping out of that room for the first time in 2 days as I am still recovering from post-delivery.

Below are outfit ideas I recommend for coming home outfits for moms after giving birth!

Long dresses

Dresses are a great choice for a new mom’s coming home outfit as they are comfortable, stylish, and easy to throw on. Here are some dress options that offer easy access to breastfeeding and enough coverage for postpartum body recovery.

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“I bought the dress for my baby shower, but it’s been a go-to ever since. I’m so happy that the top allows easy access forbreastfeeding and pumping. It’s very comfortable, and I get compliments every time I wear it!”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (6)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (7)“Love the straps on this dress, it’s super flattering! Very easy to use forbreastfeeding, just bought a second one in black!”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (8)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (9) “This fit PERFECTLY. Material is beaut quality, lays down beautifully and breathes well. Great forbreastfeeding, looks very flattering on my postpartum tummy.”

Shirts and pants

Shirts and pants are another great outfit choice for a postpartum coming home outfit. They are the perfect combination of comfort, style and practicality. Just make sure the waistband of the pants has a comfortable range of elasticity.

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (10)“I lived in these during my third trimester and packed these in my hospital bag for going home.”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (11)

“These are perfect for during and after pregnancy. I had to have a repeat cesarean,and these were super comfy even only a few days after surgery.”A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (12)

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (13)

“I cannot say enough good things about this nursing shirt! It is so flattering and gives me confidence wearing it postpartum.”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (14)

“I love this! It is so easy to breastfeed and not have to pull my shirt up. And the pockets are a must.” A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (15)

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (16)

“This was the first item I wore after coming home from hospital. It is warm and the nursing side zippers are great.A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (17)

Two-piece matching sets

A matching two-piece set outfit is a great way for a new mom to look polished and put together with minimal effort. Make sure to choose a set that is roomy as they are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look their best without sacrificing comfort or style.

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (18)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (19)“the top unbuttons and can be brought down low enough to breastfeed in so that’s a plus for post-partum. I’m really looking forward to wearing this home from hospital!”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (20)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (21)“This has really came in handy with breastfeeding, it was also super comfy in the hospital after birth.”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (22)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (23)“These are super comfy and perfect for postpartum. I wore these in the hospital after having my baby and loved them.”

Can you wear jeans after giving birth?

It is generally recommended to avoid wearing jeans after giving birth, as they can be uncomfortable and restrictive for a body that has just gone through the birthing process. Loose trousers, leggings, or sweatpants are usually more comfortable and provide better support. Make sure to wear pants that have an elastic waistband to help you adjust to your new postpartum body.

What C-Section Can Moms Wear At The Hospital After Delivery

After a C-section delivery, it is important to wear clothes that are comfortable and provide enough support for the healing process. Clothing such as soft stretchy dresses or tops with elastic waistbands are ideal for post-delivery comfort. Loose-fitting clothes without tight waistbands are also recommended for C-section deliveries as they can reduce discomfort and soreness. It is also a good idea to wear nursing bras and tank tops that allow easy access for breastfeeding in the hospital after delivery.

Other Postpartum Items to Pack with Coming Home Outfit for Moms

  1. Nursing/pumping bra or tank
  2. Full coverage underwears
  3. Slippers
  4. Socks
  5. Headband/hair ties
  6. Belly band (some hospitals provide this)

Coming Home Outfit for Mom and Baby

Matching outfits for a mom and her baby are an adorable way to capture the moment and create lasting memories. With so many cute options available, it can be easy to find the perfect matching set that speaks to a mom’s individual style and celebrates her newest adventure as a mother.
A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (24)A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (25)Perfect forhospital photos with your baby. I loved The fit of the robe and it is very comfortable.”

A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (26)“Very soft and comfortable! Great to wear while pregnant, in the hospital, and at home when nursing.”

Other baby clothing items you should consider bringing:

    1. Beanie (most hospitals send babies with a beanie too)
    2. Sleepers (get ones that are footed with mitten cuffs so you don’t have to bring separate mittens and socks!)

The Postpartum Coming Home Outfit Doesn’t Have to be Hard

In my experience, there are a few benefits to bringing your own postpartum coming home outfit to the hospital after giving birth:

  • You will feel more confident and comfortable in a preferred outfit. Staying at a hospital is far from the comfort of your own home!
  • It’s a great way to ensure you have clothing that fits right, as it may be difficult to find something that fits your postpartum body
  • Bringing a cute coming home outfit for mom (and baby!) ensures any photos taken during the hospital stay or after birth will be a great memory to look back on

Preparing to go to the hospital to give birth can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re a first-time mom. I hope this post provides some insight on coming home outfits for moms and what you should bring to the hospital during your recovery to make sure you’re prepared and comfortable. Rest assured, even if you don’t have time to shop for a new outfit or gather some of the postpartum items on your list, you can always bring a comfortable maternity outfit you already have and the hospital typically will have a lot of the essentials a new mom might need.

Good luck mamas!

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This won’t cost you anything but will help tremendously to support my content. Thank you!




A New Mom's Guide - Coming Home Outfit For Mom 2024 (2024)
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