Baby Led Weaning First Year Progress (tips + realistic expectations!) | 12 Months - Dining and Cooking (2024)

Some of you wanted an updated video following Aria’s BLW journey! I share some tips and show how my toddler eats realistically. I know it’s easy to over think but my advice is don’t stress it! #babyledweaning

If you haven’t seen our 6 Month BLW video check it out here:
0:00 Intro
1:28 Breakfast Smoothie
3:38 Random snack (Bamba)
3:55 Homemade Turkey links and veggies
6:55 Water
7:36 Shakshouka (tomato egg dish)
10:47 Breakfast smoothie and eggs
13:08 Moroccan Fish
14:00 Snack (Fruit, Smash cake)
15:15 Beef
16:24 Avocado Toast
20:55 Snack (Crackers, Cheese, Milk)
24:11 Tuna Pasta Salad
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Hi hi this is what she’s eating no no no hi everyone I want to film a quick intro for this video in this video I show what I fed my 12-month-old over the course of several days back when we first started baby lead weing when she

Was 6 months old I made a video that did really well if you haven’t seen it yet I’ll link it below but I wanted to do an updated version and I know this long this video is a bit on the longer side but I wanted to keep it that way to show

More of a realistic version of how our journey went with baby lead winning for me when I see the babies on the reals on Instagram eating really fast and they eat a whole plate of food it’s easy to compare and overthink whether or not your baby’s eating enough or what not I

Just know for myself as long as Arya is growing at the right pace on the growth chart and her doctor says she’s okay then I just don’t overthink it because there’s some days where she wants to eat a lot and there’s some days where she doesn’t want to eat that much and it’s

Totally fine um in this video you you’ll see that for the most part now that she’s older I genuinely feed her everything that we eat and it’s a lot easier that way um but I do make her some snacks and pre her some food because that is also easy to do as well

So whatever works for you but I like to do a bit of both and again this video is a bit longer so I will make chapters if you just are looking for different ideas on what to feed your baby and yeah I hope you like this video all right is

Going to help me cook her smoothie ARA knows what time it is huh what time is it smoothie time another good thing about this is like I also really love smoothies so even though it’s winter time maybe we’re maybe we’re crazy but do you want some banana yes okay here she wants some

Banana want some banana here I’ll save you some banana and we’ll just use half okay you can have some banana with your smoothie silly like she was really loving bananas when she was 6 months then after she got her teeth she stopped liking them but lately she started

Eating them again which is good news for me cuz it’s a easy little snack to give her huh we got Strawberries okay ready Arya I’m turning it on ready one two ready one two 3 she she’s ready for it you ready for your breakfast smoothie here go is that yummy hi hi here bab I also really like these zap cups do you want banana or No so she started out eating chicken pop pie now she has some bomba and some leftovers from dinner yesterday the fish mostly some potatoes she looks pretty happy if I do say so myself time it’s a little bit past dinner time so we kind of have a sleepy

One here but I made these turkey I used ground turkey and I made like kind of these sausage or whatever just put a little bit of seasonings and rolled it and put in the oven my husband was like what is that he thought it was I was

Feeding him this but it looks kind of like fingers or something but might be a little hot is it yummy you got to chew it I think she likes it so yummy yeah she likes it I just made them yesterday so this is kind of a good one

I just made I bought a pack of ground turkey and I made a whole sheet of these turkey finger things um I have some I have it in the fridge but I could probably put them in the freezer and then just heat them in the air fryer

Whenever I know a lot of people talk about their babies having a texture thing I Arya definitely has a temperature thing she likes warm food she doesn’t like cold food so that’s what I noticed about her so we’re going to see how much she eats I have two of

These turkey links for her and then some of the frozen veggies if I had rice she would also really like rice but I’m going to try to get her to eat more of the protein I got scissors to cut everything and take little bites and see how much you like it

Yum thank you thank you uh so when she starts throwing the food around that means she’s done and I always offer her some water um this had my Ginger shot in it but I just filled it with some water it doesn’t have a start it just like that

You need to put it all the way up you done no no no got dinner and ARA help me cook dinner good job there fla Shuka m m Shak Shuka Arya said it’s time to make breakfast here’s arya’s breakfast she’s been working on the Smoothie which you guys gave her a lot are you hungry and now she’s going to get some eggs he eggs eggs you got to eat those eggs and I have some cucumbers what’s your

Breakfast just to pop and smack your nose on it do you want brush we just got one egg I two eggs what you looking at Yummy you done with that egg right oh okay that’s okay just Ch thank you and one for Arya somehow there’s yogurt on the air fryer and then espresso wa I don’t know I think I saw yogurt on the bag I what do you mean that’s I got my face cuz your face is always you want more say more say more she said more There You Go Don’t Mind If I Do love so much started it I don’t care okay for dinner arya’s going to eat what we’re all eating which is our

Favorite fish Grandma great grandma no great great great great great grandma right it’s probably even more great T these Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers obsessed with chicken thinking that fish was chicken I got one water wait can you tell me something it’s warm a shop and a bunny have com

They’re both living they’re both animals they’re both they’re having a blast but we had to eat them want some grapes you want some grapes mommy already cut you grapes look see that’s grape right there you want some can you grab One I heated it up cuz you like warm food right right you like warm food water Yummy so yummy even mommy likes your cake you want more water water I can get your cup if you want more water you ready for a second piece M M yummy yummy hit it Slowly slowly Grandma r fell in white strength um could you please get her some water before you go so she can eat more she kind of needs water breaks sometimes she’s eating really good did you hear her say Eat this is what she’s eating Daddy got you some avocado eggs and toast so let’s M I like that you put bell pepper and avocado um Damn I to get her to eat she’s too distracted with a plate and a spoon let hide this not B eat baby eat your egg and avocado M cheese if you want she’s so funny here she’s eating are you there you go I’m giving Arya some seed crackers for her snack they’re they’re really good I also like these when we go out I keep some crackers in my purse and the yogurt bites and then I I buy sliced

Cheese and it’s just easier more convenient cuz then I just rip it into like four pieces and she likes eating it but like I said I yeah I don’t like to give her everything at once because that’s that’s when she just starts throwing it everywhere I like to give it

To her like one or two three little pieces at a time and then if she wants more I put more and then if she throws it on the ground that means she’s not hungry anymore and then this is also some cow’s milk I’m offering her some milk

Yesterday she didn’t like it she had no interest in it today she still didn’t really have interest in it but I warmed it up and then I used this kind of sippy cup cuz I think she just likes like the you know chewing motion cuz I first I

Gave it to her in the straw cup and she didn’t like that only place the brush mod how’s your s you want some milk she’s like what is this oh you wanted that milk yeah so my goal for myself was to feed her breastfeed her for a year she’s

Just over a year so I think I’m ready to start weaning her that’s why I have this cow milk here but you could just you saw what just happened she’s not the biggest fan um I did try is that yummy cheese I tried warming it up and she

Liked it more right now it’s a little bit more room temperature so maybe that’s why she was spitting it out but I’m going to start trying to give her cow milk and see how that goes I’ll keep you guys updated I like shom Shalom sh look she’s dancing can you watch B

Tomorrow if it works better take two hands is it yummy oh you have food in your mouth oh you had a pee in your mouth uh-oh auntie we need more water she spilled it all here go o

Baby Led Weaning First Year Progress (tips + realistic expectations!) | 12 Months - Dining and Cooking (2024)
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