Going Home Outfit for Mom (2024)

Having a baby comes with a whirlwind of milestones and anticipated moments. From first baths to first poop explosions, there are a lot of treasured moments (and gross ones, too). The quintessential “we’re leaving the hospital with a new baby” photo op is one of those things. That’s where planning your going home outfit for mom comes in.

Now listen, after our daughters were born, I had no qualms about rocking postpartum diapers and nursing pajamas for much of my hospital stay.

My new mommy brain was more focused on keeping my new baby alive rather than winning a postpartum fashion show. Figuring out what to wear after giving birth was not on my radar. The one thing I did care about was the outfit I’d put on to leave the hospital because I knew I wanted a photo of this moment.

Most of us anticipate that moment and plan to take a cutesy family photo before driving off into the sunset.

When it came time for our picture, I didn’t want to look like a spit-up-covered mombie (there would be plenty of time for this style in the coming months!).

While my going home from the hospital outfit wasn’t likely to end up on the cover of Vogue, I at least wanted to look halfway decent. I tried to strike a balance between comfort and “okay looking.”

Luckily, though, we do actually live in a high-fashion world with plenty of stylish options for postpartum clothes.

We’ve got you covered if you can’t decide what you want to wear when you leave the hospital with your baby. We’re here to help you figure out what to look for and what’s most important when you’re getting dressed to leave the mom and baby wing.

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Should a Coming Home from Hospital Outfit for Mom be Runway Ready?

Ummm, no – there’s no rule stating you have to be red carpet ready when you walk through the hospital doors.

With that in mind, however, there’s something important you should consider; the hospital isn’t going to let you wear a hospital gown home. No matter how gloriously comfortable you might think those potato sack-ish gowns are, they have to stay at the hospital when you take your leave.

Bummer – I know.

So while you don’t need to put on a ball gown when you leave with your new baby, you need to think about what you’d like to wear home. While you’re picking out that adorable newborn going home outfit, make sure to throw something in your hospital bag for mom, too!

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Tips for Picking the Right Coming Home Outfit for Mom After Birth

It would be fantastic if our bodies shot back down to their pre-baby appearance right after birth. But most women only lose around 6 to 12 lbs right after delivery. The rest of the weight you gain during pregnancy can take several months to come off (if it ever does, which is okay, too!).

So, when you’re picking out a going-home outfit for mom, don’t expect to throw on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and a tightfitting top.

The ultimate goal is comfort during their ride home from the hospital. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to pack, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Plan to pack maternity underwear and clothing, or at least choose items that are a size or two bigger than you wore before pregnancy.
  • Consider possible incision lines. While most of us don’t expect to have a c-section, it happens approximately 21% of the time. Think about packing pants or bottoms that will be comfortable over surgical areas. Postpartum leggings are always a good idea!
  • Think about the weather. If you’re packing a going-home outfit for mom during winter or summer, you’ll want to choose items that will work for different temperatures and conditions.
  • Account for the length of your ride home. If you’re only driving a few miles down the road, the comfort of your outfit might not be as important as someone who has to ride for nearly an hour or more after leaving the hospital.
  • Prepare for emergency breastfeeding conditions. There were multiple times when our daughter was first born that we’d pull the car over to nurse. Riding home in nursing loungewear is a good option.

Essential What to Wear Home from the Hospital After Birth Items

Selecting an outfit to leave the hospital in primarily comes down to personal taste. If you’re looking for a place to start, however, why not consider some of the following postpartum necessities?

We think that pairing a great pair of maternity leggings with a breastfeeding top and a cute sweater would make a great “coming home” photo outfit! No one is saying that it has to be the chicest thing you’ve ever worn–it just needs to be comfy and cute if you’d like to take a picture or two!

Using a Dress as a Going Home Outfit for Mom

Whether you need a going-home outfit for mom after a c-section or vagin*l delivery, dresses are always a comfy option, and a nice loose dress can hide a lot if you’re worried about that sort of thing (I was more worried about getting inside and into my bed).

Here are a few of our favorite postpartum dresses you can wear in the days and weeks following your return home from the L&D ward:

1. Smallshow Women’s Maternity & Nursing Dress

Whether you need to figure out what to wear after giving birth or you need a comfortable dress to throw on while you’re running errands, this nursing dress from Smallshow is one of my favorites!

This dress is available in several colors and patterns, depending on your unique style.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (4)Going Home Outfit for Mom (5)

Plus, it includes an easy-access, lift-up design for simple and discreet breastfeeding.

2. Sleeveless Nursing Dress from Ingrid & Isabel

Do you need an adorable going-home outfit for mom in summer? If so, this sleeveless nursing dress by Ingrid & Isabel is perfect!

It’s made from light rayon fabric that will keep you comfortable in the car. The best part is, it’s available at Target!

Going Home Outfit for Mom (6)

So while you’re running around shopping for those new baby must-haves, make sure to throw one of these dresses in your cart, too!

3. Floral Embroidered Midi Dress from Pink Blush Maternity

If you’re hunting for something a little more stylish and feminine, this floral, button-up dress is a personal favorite!

Going Home Outfit for Mom (7)

Light Blue Floral Embroidered Button Front…

A floral print midi dress featuring a v-neckline a functional button front short slee… [More]

Price: $86.00

It’s from Pink Blush Maternity and offers the chic, yet comfortable look many of us want when leaving the hospital.

4. Long-Sleeve Postpartum Maxi Dress from Amazon

If you want a going-home outfit for mom in winter but still want to wear a dress, this maxi dress from Amazon is one of our top picks.

It has over 2,000 reviews and comes in a wide range of beautiful styles and colors. Just throw on a cardigan for added warmth, and you’re ready to go! However, one thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t a nursing dress.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (8)Going Home Outfit for Mom (9)

So, if you’re concerned about breastfeeding on the way home, it might not be the best choice.

Our Favorite Postpartum Leggings and Other Bottoms Perfect for a Leaving Hospital Outfit for Mom

In the first days, weeks, and even months after giving birth, you’ll probably form a close relationship with your leggings… at least our team has! If you’re going to spend so much time in something, you might as well have the best, right?

We’re here to help you figure out which postpartum leggings and other comfy bottoms are the most significant addition to your going-home outfit for mom!

1. Sculpt & Recovery Leggings from BaoBei

Okay, if you want a pair of primo leggings to rock during your journey home from the hospital, you won’t find better than the Sculpt & Recovery Leggings from BaoBei!

These leggings offer industry-leading comfort, but they’re also specifically designed to support a woman’s postpartum body. In fact, the company’s founder is even a former pelvic floor therapist, which we love.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (10)

They feature a high-waisted design for support and a top-notch moisture-wicking design for the ultimate temperature management.

2. Ingrid & Isabel Postpartum Leggings from Target

Not everyone has the budget to splurge on pricy leggings. If you’re looking for something affordable but still durable and cozy, Ingrid & Isabel from Target has some awesome postpartum leggings!

Going Home Outfit for Mom (11)

They include a compressive waistband that will be perfect during your ride home from the hospital and in the days to come.

3. Amazon Wide Leg Lounge Pants

A friend turned me onto these wide-leg lounge pants from Amazon, and they became a staple in my postpartum wardrobe. They’re unbelievably comfy and available in several beautiful styles. They’re also incredibly affordable! One of their best features, though, is the drawstring waist, which you can adjust as the size of your postpartum belly fluctuates.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (12)Going Home Outfit for Mom (13)

Whether you wear them as postpartum pajamas or as a part of your going-home outfit for mom, you’re sure to love them and live in them!

4. Everyday Lounge Joggers by Kindred Bravely

Who doesn’t love a good pair of joggers? This pair of loungewear bottoms from Kindred Bravely is perfect as a part of a maternity capsule wardrobe, but they still work great after your baby is born.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (14)Going Home Outfit for Mom (15)

One thing I love about this style is how they fit underneath your belly. These would be ideal for a going-home outfit for a mom after a c-section.

Which Shirt Should You Wear for Your Going Home From Hospital Outfit?

So, you’ve picked out a pair of pants, and now you need a top to go with it. As a general rule, stick to comfortable tops that aren’t super clingy and tight. This is especially good for women who’ve undergone c-sections.

Here are a few of our favorite postpartum tops:

1. Smallshow Nursing Tank Tops – 3 Pack

When it comes to planning a going-home outfit for mom in summer, tank tops are where it’s at. One of our favorite options is this 3-pack of nursing tanks from Amazon!

This set of tanks is one of the most popular options online where postpartum clothes are concerned.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (16)Going Home Outfit for Mom (17)

They’re cute, comfy, and easy to work with if you have to whip out a boob on the side of the road for an emergency feeding!

2. Nursing Hoodie Sweatshirt

Now a product for anyone who’s putting together a going home outfit for mom in winter! If you’re trying to work with cold temperatures, this adorable nursing hoodie on Amazon will be perfect!

Going Home Outfit for Mom (18)Going Home Outfit for Mom (19)

It’s even earned an impressive 8,000+ reviews on Amazon!

3. Mama T-Shirt

Okay, ladies, after you’ve endured the trials and tribulations of labor and delivery, you deserve to put your new role as a mama on display!

That’s where this sweet “Mama” shirt from Etsy comes in!

Going Home Outfit for Mom (20)

This shirt is available in numerous colors and is made from high-grade cotton to keep you feeling good the whole way home.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (21)

Postpartum Clothing Sets for the Ride Home from the Hospital

Maybe planning an entire going home outfit for mom isn’t your thing. Instead, perhaps you’d like to buy one simple and easy set to throw on? Check out some of our favorite postpartum sets if this sounds like you.

1. Biker Short Set from Pink Blush Maternity

While technically a maternity pajama set, this relaxing biker short and t-shirt combo from Pink Blush is the best of the best when you’re searching for a casual going home outfit for mom in summer.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (22)

Black Biker Short Maternity Sleep Set

A sleep set with a dolman top with a rounded neckline and bust pocket and biker shorts… [More]

Price: $59.00

It’s got excellent reviews, comes in a gorgeous collection of colors, and is made with a woman’s maternity and postpartum body in mind.

2. Jogger Maternity Lounge Set

This is another lounge set from Pink Blush Maternity that’s sure to turn a few heads when you’re making your journey to the car after delivery.

It’s available in several neutral colors and will make for a simple yet stylish going home outfit for any mom.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (23)

Beige Jogger Maternity Lounge Set

A solid short sleeve and jogger lounge set. Includes relaxed fit top and joggers with e… [More]

Price: $62.00

Plus, you can throw it on when family and friends stop by to visit and still feel relatively put together.

3. MITILLY Striped 2-Piece Outfit

With a chic striped style, this 2-piece loungewear set from Amazon has a laidback look and feel that’s perfect for a going home from the hospital outfit.

Going Home Outfit for Mom (24)Going Home Outfit for Mom (25)

It features light, breathable fabric that’s ideal when you’re planning an outfit for spring, summer, or fall.

Coming Home Outfit for Mom FAQs

What should mom wear home from hospital winter?

A new mom should wear comfortable clothing that would have fit during pregnancy home from the hospital. Extra layers are an easy way to add warmth in winter, as are fleece-lined leggings.

How many outfits should a mom have in the hospital?

Most moms will need about 3 outfits while in the hospital, possibly 4 if they’re having a scheduled c-section. These outfits include comfortable pajamas and a going home outfit. Most new moms won’t choose to change into real clothes everyday, so it’s typically better to take more pajamas with one or two “real” outfits.

Going Home from Hospital Outfit Mom can Keep Comfy In

From loungewear sets to casual dresses, there are an endless number of options when you’re looking for a going home outfit for a mom after c-section or natural birth!

The most important thing is simply picking something that will make you feel good and keep you comfortable the whole ride home and into your new journey.

If you’ve had a hospital delivery before, what kind of going home outfit for mom did you choose?

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